2022 Rain Barrel Distribution Events & Locations

For online orders and information: www.upcycle-products.com

Bethany, Mustang & Yukon
Date: Friday April 22nd from 9am – 5pm
Location: 334 Elm Ave, Yukon (Yukon Development Services)
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/bmy/

Choctaw & Midwest City
Dates: Friday April 29th from 8am – 5pm, & Saturday April 30th from 8am – 12pm
Location: 8726 SE 15th St, Midwest City (MWC Household Hazardous Waste Facility)
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/midwest-city/

City of Edmond
Date: Saturday April 23rd from 8am – 12pm
Webpage: www.edmondok.com/rainbarrels
Location: 2012 Old Timbers Dr, Edmond (City of Edmond Cross Timbers Municipal Complex)
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/edmond/

Moore, Newcastle, Noble, & Norman
Dates: Friday April 1st from 4pm – 6pm, & Saturday April 2nd from 9am – 1pm
Location: 668 E Lindsey St, Norman
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/nnm/

Oklahoma City
Dates: Saturdays May 7th and May 14th from 8:30am – 11:30am
Location: 1621 S Portland, OKC
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/ok-city/

Date: Saturday May 7th from 9am – 1pm
Location: 809 S Perkins Rd, Stillwater
Online order page: https://upcycle-products.com/ok-programs/stillwater/

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