H+G Show, Rainbarrel

Rain Barrel Distribution

Rain barrels are a simple, eco-friendly way to store and use rain water captured by your roof’s gutter system. Rain barrels can save you money by providing free H2O to help water your lawn and garden, or even wash your car. To place an order for a reasonably-priced rain barrel and accessories, visit http://www.upcyclerainbarrel.com

2020 Rain Barrel Pick-Up Events and Locations:
Yukon: (405) 354-6676
1035 Industrial Drive, Yukon
March 27

Edmond: (405) 359-4763
2012 Old Timbers Drive, Edmond
March 28

Norman: (405) 329-2524
668 E. Lindsey Street, Norman
April 3 and 4

Midwest City: (405) 739-1040
8726 SE 15th Street, Midwest City
April 24 and 25

Oklahoma City: (405) 297-1797
1621 S. Portland, Oklahoma City
May 8 and 9

Want to see a rain barrel in action? Come check out our booth (#1946) at the Home & Garden Show January 17-19!

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